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The interaction between people and the physical and digital work-/learn-/healthcare environment forms the red thread at corporate/public real estate management (CREM/PREM) and Facility Management (FM). Accommodation at a lower cost for a more productive and sustainable primary process in a socially responsible context. Accommodation that inspires people. Accommodation as a catalyst and leverage for processes in the building. Accommodation that is both efficient but especially effective. The work-/learn/healthcare environment as a strategic opportunity instead of operational headache.


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Real estate, including facilities, is one of the critical secondary business processes. It requires integration and consistency with other business processes such as Human resources, Finance and ICT and the associated systems. So that in addition to support of the primary process, the internal information and external accountability are in order. Real estate strategy is, by definition, a derivative of the organization policy. Review of workplace performance should therefore understand how strategic policy goals are facilitated.

From the organization‘s objectives and latest workplace trends, ATELIER V develops and implements, as a business consultant architect, strategies for the use of accommodation, real estate and the built environment. Our passion is to find the balance of reason and emotion, of head and heart, tangible and intangible. Ever seen from the standpoint of the user of the built environment, people. The balance between the axis ratio of effectiveness versus efficiency and the emotion-axis of ‘ community/team building ‘ versus ‘ image building ‘.


The “E” of real estate – Places that work instead of workplaces.
An integrated work environment ecosystem.


Performance appraisal employees

Satisfaction of employees with the work environment, the interaction of building, facilities and ICT, is the extent to which this combination meets their wants and needs. To what extent supports the physical (Bricks) and digital (Bytes) work environment their work, well-being and health? However, it is also closely related to the satisfaction with the social (Behaviour) work environment and the work itself.

The periodic HR performance appraisal spends attention to the performance of the employees, but not or hardly not to the environment in which they must perform. A review of the work environment in combination with HR performance appraisal offers opportunities in attracting, better facilitating, and retaining employees.


“If you change the environment, you change the people.” (R. Buckminster Fuller)


Making Real Estate Strategy SMART

An architect has traditionally been a holistic building master, but by the cut up of the profession into specializations, it resulted in messy disharmony instead of the intended harmonic resonance. The whole of real estate, facility services, resources, ICT (Outer Environment or real estate) and agreements on use and behaviour of occupants, Human Capital Management (Inner Environment, the real state of human beings) give an accommodation a living and inspirational soul and makes that it functions for the users.

As workplace consultants we give again content to the holistic concept of ‘Architect as a building master’. We coordinate during the (design / housing) process the disciplines involved and ensure that their input is tuned and tested for consistency and completeness. Based on your strategic organisational principles we design a SMART monitoring and reporting system for continuous improvement of the real estate strategy and the user experience and well-being during the in-use phase.

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