The “E” of real estate podcast

The “E” of real estate podcast will help you to create a more enriching environment that has a positive impact on the value instead of only at economic costs, by rethinking the learn/work environment of a university campus to maximize human potential. A human-centric environment to learn and work, that is a better place for organisations, people and society. A place that is adaptive to changing user needs. A place that gets the best out of its users and a program that creates a bond between users and the university environment.  A “total learn/workplace ecosystem”, based on classrooms, offices, homes and other locations including digital space. The design of the environment doesn’t solely determine behaviour, but they do shape, enable or encourage or hinder it.

The environment enables people to grow in their abilities. It is an ecosystem consisting of 3 interconnected areas: Physical environment of real estate and facilities, Digital environment of ‘smart’ building plus online learning hubs in a digital classroom and the Social environment of usage and behaviour agreements. Workplace is also a state of mind. The environment is a catalyst for human performance and therefore has a strategic impact on the core business of any organisation. But also, on the health, well-being and consciousness of people, on a body, mind, heart and spirit level.
This podcast is a community for the discovery journey, how the 3 environments, physical, digital and social, can be used as an integrated means to maximize human potential in a sustainable way. We spend 85% of our lives inside a building and it is therefore essential to live in a healthy environment. Places and systems that work instead of solely workplaces and work systems.

I talk with experts to explore new perspectives and their practical implementation on cutting-edge topics in using a campus as a management tool to thrive. A tool to support achieving organisational goals and health & well-being for students and staff by place making. A kind of GPS, to tell you where you are on the way to your desired targets.

The “E” in the name of this podcast stands for objective measurable coordinates of:

  • Effectiveness,
  • Efficiency,
  • Evidence,
  • Engagement.

An exploration odyssey about REAL ESTATE and the (real) STATE of Humans. The interface and interaction between the state of the built environment (physical, digital, social) and of the health, the ability to adapt and self-direct, in the social, physical and emotional challenges of life, of people using the built environment. The environment is influencing how you think and feel. The human mind and body are not separate and distinct from their environment. Together we can create the difference in unlocking and unleashing human potential to thrive as organisations and as humans.

This podcast addresses questions like:

  • Can I work and study here effectively — Are we doing the right things?
  • How does the learning environment affect me?
  • Is the learning environment manageable and under control?
  • Is it used efficiently — Do we do things in the right way?


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