Host René

Strategic alignment and creating (more) added value consultation 
René P.M. Stevens MSc Arch/MBA

Interested in hosting a real estate Strategic Alignment presentation for your professional or personal group? 
Invite René to share his experience and wisdom. In-house courses can be set up for companies but also seminars or conference can be arranged.

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The “E” of real estate podcast

The “E” of real estate podcast is a community for the discovery journey, how the 3 environments, physical, digital and social, can be used as an integrated means to maximize human pontential in a sustainable way. Places and systems that work instead of solely workplaces and work systemsI talk with experts to explore new perspectives and their practical implementation on cutting-edge topics in using a campus as management tool to thrive. A tool to support achieving organisational goals and health & well-being for students and staff.

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-The Architect as Business Optimizer-
‘Squaring the circle by connecting the dots’