User experience on university campuses

Working on a new podcast about user experience on university campuses. We will release the first episode in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

The purpose of this audio/video podcast is to create a positive impact through raising awareness and providing best practice examples about (re)shaping university campuses to maximize human potential. I will talk with experts to explore new perspectives and their practical implementation on cutting-edge topics.

How can a campus inspire and motivate people? How can it support the educational process to an even higher degree? How can a university campus stay adaptive over time?

I’m doing this for Facilities and Real Estate managers of university campuses. Who focus, besides functional and technical aspects also on the experiences of students and employees.

REAL ESTATE and the REAL STATE of HUMANS. The “E” of real estate-podcast

I will elaborate on how the learning environment can be used as a management tool. A tool to support achieving strategic goals and for the well-being of people. And first steps towards realization that are practical and low risk.

One of the main questions that will be addressed is: How to measure quality/performance of a campus in a SMART way? So that it can be used as a means for continuous adaptation to reach a sustainable FIT FOR PURPOSE.

More information: The “E” of real estate

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