De interactie tussen mensen en de fysieke en digitale werk-/leer-/zorgomgeving vormt de rode draad bij Huisvestingsmanagement (CREM) en Facility Management (FM). Huisvesting tegen lagere kosten voor een productiever en duurzaam primair proces in een [...]>>

ATELIER V Man – Da Vinci Code

The V-MAN Artist Dominique Wagner painted the Da Vinci Code – ‘Squaring of the circle by connecting the dots’ and created her version of the ‘Vitruvian Man’. Using the ATELIER V-man as a model.  The inscription in a square [...]>>

Bridging gap between science and spirituality

I recently sat down with Brian Rose in the London Real studios to talk about my vision with the podcast The “E” of real estate. Bridging the gap between science and spirituality. A holistic approach as an architect. The architect as business opti[...]>>

The E of real estate podcast

The “E” of real estate podcast will help you to create a positive impact by rethinking the learn/work environment of a university campus to maximize human potential. A human-centric environment to learn and work, that is a better place fo[...]>>

The Real Da Vinci Code

Are Architecture and Neuroscience connected? If so, then it will help to create a positive impact by rethinking our built environment to maximize human potential. Making the built environment better for everyone: organisations, people and society. Th[...]>>

User experience on university campuses

Working on a new podcast about user experience on university campuses. We will release the first episode in a few weeks. Stay tuned! The purpose of this audio/video podcast is to create a positive impact through raising awareness and providing best p[...]>>

Housing is a journey, not a destination

De ultieme toets voor de effectiviteit van huisvesting is de ervaring van degene die het gebruiken. ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’, zoals de Engelsen zeggen. Behalve de (subjectieve) mening van de gebruikers blijft er ook behoefte aa[...]>>
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